Cheddar Tofurky Melt

Here is an easy afternoon meal. It’s a cheddar cheese tofurky melt (like the title says). I use Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, Tofurky slices, bread, and your favorite sandwich condiments.


I made two sandwiches here, using four slices per sandwich. I shredded some vegan cheese and put it between each of the slices. Okay, I was lazy and just cut small slices of cheese. You caught me. Either way, it works. I put them into the toaster oven on the highest setting and kept them in there until the cheese was melting off the edge.

Waiting while cooking


While your tofurky is cooking, toast your bread (or you don’t have to if you don’t like toasted bread). Then spread Vegenaise on your bread and top with condiments of your choice. I used Daddy Sam’s BBQ sauce (which is DELICIOUS!), and different varieties of mustard. I also had some lettuce from the BLTs I had the other night so I threw some of that on there. Too bad I didn’t have tomatoes as well.

Note: Mixing together lots of delicious condiments does not always make a tasty sandwich (as I figured out).

Finished Product

After it is done cooking, put the tofurky onto the sandwich and enjoy.

tofurky-melted tofurky-finished



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