The Great Couch Saga

I moved to Chicago a couple weeks ago, and a few days ago we bought a used pleather couch. It’s big. It’s difficult to get through doorways…


…but we make it:


The next problem is actually getting it up into our second floor apartment. We try carrying it up the back stairs, but it’s too big to fit. We have to use some other method, so we try pulling it up with a carabiner.


No good (as we expected).


It’s getting late, and we don’t have any pulleys, so we have to leave the couch outside until the next day.

We buy three pulleys and rig it up on the left side of the building. Here’s pliSkiNAKE on the second floor railing:


We have lift-off! Photo taken from the basement:


A little higher…


Close-up of the pulley system; the couch is as high as we can get it:


Long exposure from the ground:


Time to rig up something new in order to get it all the way up. Ratchet straps hold the couch up while we move the pulleys:


We release the straps while pulling it over the railing:


…and we’ve done it! (We don’t normally sit this close together. :P)


The final struggle is to get it through the doorway. Does this look like it’s too big to fit through? Because it totally is. But we made it fit.


We may have cuts and bruises, and the couch may have tears and scratches, but we triumphed!

2 Replies to “The Great Couch Saga”

  1. Damn! Wile E. Coyote should take lessons from you guys. Although I admit that I was waiting for pliSkiNAKE to get squashed under the couch after that long exposure shot but well… 🙂

    Enjoy the new couch guys!

    P.S. Oh and about pliSkiNAKE getting squashed instead of TG part… Not that I have something against pliSkiNAKE but it’s just that TG seems more “beep, beep!” kind of a guy than he is so…

    1. Haha, actually in that shot he was up on the second floor, and I was taking the picture and holding the rope with my foot. I was far enough away that if it had fallen, it would have hit the basement stairs, which would have looked like one of those “falling piano” scenes in the movies.

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