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Here are the newest things to happen to this site.
>>> 01/02/05
Moved to a new domain, massive Steer Madness coverage!
>>> 07/06/04
This site is launched!
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Flourishing Vegan Flourishing Vegan
Song: Goldfinger - Decision
Length: 3:01
Original Release Date: 05/01/04
Public Release Date: 07/06/04
Description: In this music video you get to see me yo-yo, juggle, and do other skill toys, usually involving food. Lots of vegan foods are shown, read the info page for screenshots and other information.
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Images that I've made, or other people submitted.
>>> Miscellaneous:
(Anti) McDonalds Banners - Some funny, some stupid, all fake.
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Anything that's primarily text goes here. Transcripts, recipes, etc.
>>> Information / Articles:
Fair Trade: Bananas, Chocolate, and Coffee - Why these three are more important than the rest
Avoiding Vitamin D: Symbolic, Practical, or Neither? (or "Go Less Vegan...For the Animals!") - Why we might be hurting our own cause by being strict
>>> Transcripts:
Alicia Silverstone on Conan O'Brien [11/16/03] - She talks about her veganism, tofurkys, etc.
Julia Stiles on Conan O'Brien [12/23/03] - Julia Stiles hates you. (she says some pretty anti-vegan things)
>>> Reviews / Guides:
Steer Madness! - Review, Guide, Hacking Guide, etc. Everything you'd ever want to know about the veggie PC game.
>>> Miscellaneous:
Dissecting Jill - Jill is an omni troll who steals all her arguments from Maddox. This is where I prove it.
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These links will open in a new window. There are a lot of great sites out there, and only some of them are listed here. I probably won't update this a whole lot.
>>> General Information:
VeganPorn - No porn, just vegan news.
Viva! USA - A very nice animal rights organization
Vegan Outreach - Another great animal rights organization with a nice FAQ. Their Veganism and Activism Reconsidered article is a HIGHLY recommended read.
Ignorance is NO excuse! - Information about important issues
>>> Products:
Vegan Essentials - Awesome store! Every type of product, all vegan.
Responsible Shopping - List of stores than sell non-sweat shop stuff, and other info
Herbivore Clothing - Makers of the "Praise Seitan" shirt, and more.
Vegan A-Go-Go - Nice vegan themed clothing and accessories
Freeda Vitamins - Buy in bulk for cheap!
>>> Miscellaneous:
The Green Goat - A veggie zine
VeggieBoards - Nice forum for veggies
The Meatrix - Matrix parody, flash animation
Bizarro Comics (vegan section) - Vegan themed comics
Michigan Animal Rights Society (Links page) - Very large categorized list of links
>>> Food Stuff:
VeganMania - Kreeli's recipes
I Can't Believe It's Vegan! - A list of stuff you might not expect to be vegan (not super accurate, and ingredients change, so check ingredients anyway!)
Vegan Baking - How to bake without eggs
Cooking by Kittee - Recipes and things
Veggie Airline Food - Info on how to special order meals
USDA Nutrient Database - Find out nutritional info on just about anything
Bryanna's Vegan Feast - Recipes and other info
The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) - Lots of info, nice FAQ
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