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Seitanic Mastication

Steer Madness

Here you'll find everything I've written about Steer Madness, the great veggie-themed computer game. Scroll down this page for news and updates about the game!

Forum: Post questions or comments about Steer Madness here!


Steer Madness Review

Thinking of buying the game but not sure if you'll like it? Read my review to see how it compares, and learn why you should buy this game!


Steer Madness Guide

Tips, tricks, walk-throughs, and other information about the game! This is a handy reference if you want to know what that one store was called, or what that poster said....


Steer Madness Hacking Guide

You've beaten the game, explored the city, won the bike...what else can you do? Read this guide to see how to change your character, cheat at certain missions (give you unlimited time), and more! Please note that this is fairly advanced and involves modifying the actual code.

News and Updates

01/02/05: Johnathan Skinner (the creator of the game) confirmed that there WILL be more things added to the game in the form of downloads! He told me that there will be "hidden items and side games." No official date, but he hopes it will be soon.

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